3 Fun Ways To Give Candy Away At Your School's Next Community Function

Are you looking for fun and interesting ways to give candy out at your school's next community function? Here are a few ideas that should be considered:

Host a Treasure Hunt

One fun way to distribute candy at your school's next community function is to host a treasure hunt that features packages of candy and other goodies as the treasure. Create a bunch of clues for treasure hunters to find around the school grounds and leave a few pieces of candy with each clue for the hunters to gather as they progress.

Fill small treasure chests full of candy for hunters to find when they follow the last clue on their hunt. You can add other small goodies, like movie tickets or extra recess passes, to some of the chests just to make things a little more competitive and interesting. When the last clue is followed, treasure hunters will find their treasure boxes to enjoy during and after the function.

Decorate the Walls

Another unique and fun way to give candy away at your school's function is to simply stick it on the walls in the cafeteria or wherever else the function is taking place. All you have to do is put double sided sticky tape on a wall of your choice and then stick the candy wrappers to the tape to get them to stay on the wall.

You can create fun designs on the wall using candy which will help spruce the environment up and complement the rest of your decor. Consider creating the shape of your school's mascot or spelling out your school's name on the wall. When guests want a piece of candy, they can just pick a piece off the wall and enjoy it.

Create Fun Prizes

If you're planning to host a variety of games for your guests to participate in at your school's upcoming function, you can use candy to create fun prizes for the winners of the games. Whether you're giving out prizes to carnival booth winners or for competitive game winners, everyone is sure to enjoy a pack of candy as their prize.

You can create small animal figurines with stir sticks and then glue the candy to the figurines to create fun trophies. Fill backpacks or pencils cases with candy to create educational prizes to give away. Consider filling pinatas with candy for game winners to take home. Think outside of the box and come up with two or three different prize options to create for your function.

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